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I will never get over the detail in this scene.

(via kale-raven)

I have planned out my ideal summer which basically consists of leaving Indiana and just ditching toxic crap. I’m thinking over the summer I’ll take a huge break from all my social media. But tumblr will stay probably. But basically the plan is I’m a summer camp councilor for three weeks in June up in Wisconsin, then come home go to the family reunion in Kentucky spend a couple days on the lake and hiking, then drive back to Florida with my grandma and stay at her house in Pensacola and then for the rest of the summer hang out in destin, gulf shores, Pensacola, and make one or two day trips to New Orleans. Then hopefully drive to Charleston South Carolina and hang out with my aunt and uncle and see the city more and go to the beach. Then fly home. Fingers crossed it all works out but I’ll have to see. I’m just excited to take a break I guess, plus teaching sailing at camp will be perfect and just I’m ready to leave for a bit. Woo!

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